Linda Crawford, OTR/L CDWF
Linda Crawford, OTR/L CDWF

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Linda Crawford, OTR/L CDWF
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1338 Ascot Ave
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Highlands Ranch
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United States
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Denver, CO
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Certified Facilitator
Chronic pain, Sensory Processing, Pain Neuroscience Education, Life Balance, Wellness and Health Coaching, Pain Rehabilitation
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I am a former chronic pain sufferer.

Because of my personal and professional experience, I have a unique understanding of the physical, psychological, and social impacts of pain on daily life.

I have been an OT for 28 years and since 2014 I have devoted 100% of my practice to specializing in chronic pain rehabilitation.

Too many of us (25% according to statistics) suffer with chronic pain and it has been identified by the World Health Organization as the #1 most burdensome health challenge in the world.

Drugs and standard therapies aren't working. We need a new way.

Chronic pain cannot be healed with a quick fix, a magic pill or formula for success. It takes a whole body, whole person approach.

I invite women and men who suffer with chronic pain to join me in Living Brave, because:

"Together we can create a world where chronic pan no longer means living with fear, but living with courage, self-compassion, and joy."

I integrate the Daring Way and Rising Strong programs into my successful holistic pain rehabilitation program. These programs give us a beautiful method to learn these skills and develop the courage to overcome our chronic pain.

Chronic pain is very isolating, but we heal best in community, with a village of supportive family, friends, and empathetic professionals.

We can live brave together. And, as I know myself, doing it the daring way is the best way.

Rebuild your life - Restore your body - Renew your joy

Keep living brave!

Living Brave Chronic Pain Therapy

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