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Kristi Nigh

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Kristi Nigh
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St. Louis
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United States
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St. Louis, MO
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Certified Facilitator
Leadership development; personal development; life design; creativity; life/work balance; navigating life transitions; perfectionism-busting
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Adult professionals, with a specialty in serving changemakers and creatives. My clients are heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders in the non-profit, health, and education sectors; helping professionals and caregivers (i.e. educators, doctors, coaches, counselors, non-profit professionals, ministers, new parents, caregivers, etc.); and creatives (writers, artists, musicians, etc.). *Many of my clients also identify as perfectionists, highly sensitive people (HSP), and/or people who are Myers-Briggs NF types (feelers, intuitive, idealists, heart-centered people).
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I help changemakers & creatives dissolve internal blocks & envision the full possibilities of what they are capable of creating in their lives & then stand side by side with them to help them go out there and do it.

I balance compassion and support with utmost belief in your resiliency, creativity, and accountability for helping you go where you tell me you want to go (and perhaps beyond).

I ultimately aim to help my clients develop the ability to live, work, and lead from their Best Selves as much of the time as possible, so that they can feel proud of how they show up in the world.

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CDWF - Clinician, CDWF - Life Coach